Earnings $0.01

Can anyone explain please what is this $0.01 earnings?
Kind of upset that I get “paid” that much money for my work :thinking:

That’s due to the subscriber share model that powers Envato Elements. You can find all the details here:

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This is funny:) and sad at the same time.

Elements are about overall earnings, not earnings “per sale/download”.
This cents you can see because someone downloaded bunch of items in one month and his subscription money split across different items.

But anyway you should look at total earnings to understand whether you earnings are good enough on Elements.


Then why do you partake in this masquerade? Your screen capture looks more like a hobo’s panhandling of the day, rather than an author’s earnings.

Well, the overall earnings are made up of the individual earnings. Since there are only so many subscribers, it’s pretty clear that this model is not sustainable and the more authors will pour in, the more they will have to fight for pennies.

How great this is!

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What are those figures? Is this what you’re getting per download? How can it be more than the cost of the subscription?

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This is what I had earned in October from my items.
In October on Elements I made +15% from VH earnings. To combine them and total earnings are +80% from last year October earnings

So… it doesn’t compare to the “per download” figures of OP.

In any case, your numbers are still a collection of per download retribution. When you have to share those “per download” with evermore authors, this is a recipe for disaster.

Anyway, congrats on your Elements success, wish you to keep enjoying it! Just remember that it came at a great cost for the community.

I can look at my VH earnings first of all to see the “cost” I’m paying, because first who should lose something is myself. So no need to bind community in any way to this, There are lots of different points which affect community sales/earnings.

And at last: we can see lots subscription services nowadays, I think everybody knows these services: from music/tv shows to software. This is reality we live in whether someone accept it or not

That’s the way it should be, but that not how it is. As many subscribers have been pushed to Elements from the marketplaces via the top banner, the community has paid a high cost indeed.

Of course you’re right, the subscription model is the way thing are going now. Music subscription service have been terrible for musicians. TV subscriptions are a different thing altogether, the service pays for their content, which makes a huge difference. The Elements model is the epitome of exploitation of authors. This is reality we live in.

Yeah I see… I guess I have to work harder, I’m a beginner and need to keep uploading more and build my portfolio but again when you this… motivation is going down… Anyway thank you guys for your time )) Create and be creative!!!

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That wasn’t my point. My point was not to let yourself be exploited by an unfair deal. Earning pennies for your work is outrageous indeed.

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It takes time to get decent income from photos, you need to get kinda big and diverse portfolio, so keep it up :slight_smile:

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