Envato Elements Contributors - How is your income?

Are there any Envato Elements contributors that like to share their income. I know that Envato takes 50% (and it’s a hell lot, considering that it’s just a platform and you, contributors, did all the work for your items), and the rest is split between authors, depending on the number of downloads of the user.

Is it really worth it to join as a contributor? I don’t want to make just a few dollars, knowing that Envato takes 50% of my income for the work I did.

Also, does anyone know how many subscribers are on Elements?



Hey, I don’t think you can join Envato Elements even if you wish to. It is an invite only platform, at least for now.

The thing with Elements is with more items, your chances of earning more increases. No one can give you a specific figure but trust me with a portfolio of 20-30 (web templates) over 50 (graphics), you’ll be satisfied with what you’ll earn. Let’s say around $$1500- $2000.

There are around 12K subscribers.