Exclusivity at Envato Elements

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As an exclusive contributor to Envato Elements, I have this question, does being exclusive to Elements provide any benefit or features? Do I understand correctly that exclusive and non-exclusive authors are on the same terms?


Being exclusive ONLY earns you more money on MARKET sales. It does NOTHING for your Elements earnings. If you are not selling much on Market, you don’t need to bother being exclusive.


So an exclusive author from items or subscriptions sold for $100, get $70 (author 7 level and higher) net on the Market and on the Elements,
and a non-exclusive author from items or subscriptions sold for $100, get $45 net on the Market and $70 on the Elements?
That is, an exclusive author and a non-exclusive author will receive the same $70 from $100 of subscriptions on the Elements?

From elements every author gets only 50%.


Exclusive authors earn more than non-exclusive authors on Market sales.
Exclusive authors earn the same amount as non-exclusive authors on Element sales.

However, your numbers are incorrect because Market and Element earnings are calculated differently. (Which is why they are on two different dashboards.) It’s rather confusing.

More info here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000472943-Introduction-to-Earnings-

Earning on Market

Envato Market has a traditional model of a customer purchasing single items that each have their own price set by you, the Author.

The total cost of the item is made up of:

  • List price: The price shown to customers on the item page (item price plus buyer fee).
  • Buyer fee: The portion of the list price that represents Envato’s fee to the customer (this is a fixed fee in categories with author-driven pricing).
  • Item price: The price paid to the author for the item license.
  • Author fee: The portion of the item price that represents Envato’s fee to the author.

You will then also need to take into account any withholding tax.

Earning on Elements

Envato Elements earnings work a little differently to the traditional marketplace model. As a subscription platform, we use the subscriber share model to allocate Elements earnings.

With this model, Author earnings are directly linked to the money collected from each individual subscriber. We look at each subscriber in turn and assign you a share of 50% of their net revenue based on how important your items were to them (i.e your share of all item points they used in that period).

You’ll find some great examples within the Subscriber Share Model article to help explain how this can work across a variety of situations.


No, we don’t receive 50%. We earn a share of the 50% of the subscriptions that is divided up between ALL the authors that subscriber downloaded from. And video footage downloads earn a larger part of that share than photography. Which is why we might earn 1¢ for one download and $2 for another one even if they photo downloaded is used the exact same way.

They explain it here: https://help.author.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/360000424883-How-Revenue-Share-Works-For-Authors

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I just put it in simple terms not to complicate much. No matter how we explain it, the truth is Envato takes 50% and provides 50% to the authors.

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True, but we don’t actually get 50% unfortunately.

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