Does envato allow images from pixabay to used on one’s project?

Does envato allow authors to use from images from


For the demo yes, distributed with the item package, no

Do I have to provide any citations or notes to envato or customers?

You should link to where users can download the image using the item documentation/description

Thank you for your response. This what I intend doing.

  1. Use placeholder for download items
  2. Use actual images in the preview
  3. Create path on my server where I will save all images used according to their folders.
  4. Add a demo importer in installation process that lets users import demo images.

Is this okay? It would be a bit hassle listing all the images and the links individually for the users to download

You can’t do point 4 that’s redistributing content that you don’t own (regardless of you having first stored it on your server).