Question about author rights

I am creating HTML Template for Themeforest and I would like use photo in it which I found in internet, but I am not sure I have right to use it. So, the question: how to get photos\images for projects for envato with correct author rights? Have I use only free stocks for this purpose or I can use some others? Google etc…

You need to have commercial permission to use any images in your file demos, and it’s best not to include them in the downloadable version i.e. use placeholders

You either need to have royalty free (including commercial use) images, stock ones with the right license or look on Photodune where you can find ones that you can use (best to have author permission).

Just downloading ones from Google is a very very bad idea as in many cases even the images there that say are ‘Labelled for reuse’ may well not have the right permissions


Thank you Charlie, what if I use images from only marked as “free”, should I include them in downloadable version?

Yes You can Include all “CC0” (Commercial Use) Licensed images, pixabay images in downloadable version.

As @charlie4282 Said Better TO Replace All Images With Placeholders In Downloadable (Final Zip) File.