Do I have to use custom illustration or free illustration is ok for my next web template?

Hi, I am not good at illustration and I don’t want to see myself illustrating complex things in the future, that’s not my thing. But I want to build a website that requires illustration, so can I use free illustration and then remove it from the main file so when anyone buys my templates they will easily download it from the link I will provide from the author who made the illustration, will Themeforest accept my item?

Even if you use free illustrations if they are not licensed as commercial free you cannot use them on Envato Live Previews. There are numerous sites that provide free graphics but clearly state they cannot be used for commercial projects. This includes the live preview.

Moreover, Envato strictly forbids adding images to your final download, except very rare cases where the images are strongly licensed as MIT or commercial free, since these can cause legal issues if their licenses change overnight.

It’s best to use any image for your preview that clearly mentions it’s commercial free to avoid potential DMCA claims on your product.

I see, so if I use illustration as an image for preview purposes and delete it from the main file, but provide links for the customer to download it from the source which is strongly licensed as MIT or commercial-free, then it will be okay?

Absolutely correct. Yes! :blush:

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Thank you very much, exactly what I was looking for :slight_smile:

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Always a pleasure to help. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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