Didn't receive my February payout (Envato Market)


I have not received my February earnings yet

I got an email regarding the payment is done but when I checked my PayPal it wasn’t there !

After contacting PayPal support first they said : “I have checked your account and I can see the email you have received from PayPal, in order to get the payment you have to click on “claim your payment”.”

I replied that I already claimed my payment but I can’t find it in my balance or activity history then they simply replied : “I have checked the account and I cannot see the transaction either, kindly try to ask the sender to provide you with the transaction ID.”

What should I do ?

Thanks for helping in advance.

how much your amount was ?
minimum amount $50.

Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month . To be eligible for a payout on the 15th you must have been eligible by the last day of the previous month .

For example, to receive a payment on the 15th February, you would need to have a payout account set up and the minimum required for that payout destination on or before 31st January.

Envato is an Australian company, therefore the deadline for setting your payout account is 23:59:59.

Please note, if the 15th day of the month falls on a weekend or an Australian public holiday, then payouts will be processed the following business day.

Still any query get in touch with envato author help center they would like to assist you.

may be your payment status is pending and will be added in your account soon (may be within 24 hours). I think it is your first payment to paypal.

Otherwise As you have already received email from envato that payment has processed then you should get in touch with paypal support.


(Yes it’s my first payment)

That’s what I did, I waited for 24 hours before contacting PayPal support but they said that they couldn’t find any transaction in my activity history so I should provide them the transaction ID in order to do something as I mentioned above.

Could Envato support send me the transaction ID if I Submit a request ? Because I have read an article on « Envato Market Help » about how to find my PayPal transaction ID and they mentioned that I should check my activity on PayPal which is already empty

Please Contact Author Support and let them know details. Support Team will be happy to assist you.

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You should have accepted, I have received payment from GR this month to paypal and I have withdrawn it to my local bank yesterday. As far as I know GR has never been constrained in distributing the money from my sales, if it is pending maybe because the 15th coincides with a holiday. I hope you will immediately get a solution and get payment for your sales :slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t find the transaction to see if it’s pending or not even I accepted my payment which is confusing !


I’ve contacted Author Support hoping that they will provide me a solution.

wow this is a lot of money, if I see from the screenshot image is a notification that the money has been confirmed to enter in paypal but the money does not appear in your paypal account … have you checked your paypal transaction history? :hushed:

The second screenshot is from my transaction history and as you can see it’s empty :confused:

OMG this is terrible, I think paypal is probably having a problem, maybe there are changes to the paypal website because the last 2 months if I made a money withdrawal it took longer than before… :pensive:

please check your transactions for 14/02/21 to 17/02/21 in your paypal account

Pick up your phone and have a PayPal representative look this over with you mate.