Didn't get payment

Hello, I’ve got the first sale via my site ref link (envato elements promo) and looks like the payment was made on 20 of January, but I still didn’t get that 20 days later. Whom can I contact to check it, please?

if you mean your earning from your affiliate then the affiliate earning is now pending status and will be added in your affiliate impact account balan on 15th/16th each month and for weekend it will add on the following business day.

Thank you for your reply, but that’s not like that. Sale was made in December, than after approval period money came into my impact account (pending status was changed to approved), and then I’ve got a message that bank cleared the payment. I even got an invoice, but there came a month since that payment day (15 of Feb) - and still no money. How can I find this payment?

your approved payment you will get in your impact account at top right.

After this payment was made on 17 of January:
2020-01-20 - amount - FEE RUB 734.00 - Payment Cleared by Bank
My account went to zero. I didn’t get the money but the payment was made and fees were paid. To be honest that looks like I was scammed :slight_smile: Can we find my payment please? I can provide all the details.

please go to impact account and open a support ticket. hope they will check it for you and will assist you.

Thank you very much for your responses. There are no any support sections there at all, may you advise please, how can I contact their support beside cold email?

go to impact account then go here (please make sure you are logged in):
impactradius help:

Hello, Why did impact not pay me when I received the invoice