Not yet receive the payment

i am an affiliater and i have 60.92usd in my balance of Impact
i am setup the “Autopay on the 1st of the month” via Paypal when my balance reaches threshold 50USD i will receive my money
But now i am not yet receive the money (Paypal), my balance in IMPACT still 60.92 USD
Plz check it and help me

“All referral commissions earned during the month will be paid on the 16th of the following month.”

Hi, i am wait from NOV 2020 to today :slight_smile: not yet receive

I’d suggest reaching out to support Submit a request – Envato Market Help Center

you should to contact IMPACT help/support. they will tell you the reason, one reason can be your tax info missing. they can you tell you more accurately what is the reason and what you should to do.

I am sumit my tax info from 2020 (about May or Jun)