Why I'm not yet receive withdrawal from impact?

Hi, I’m not yet receive withdrawal from my impact account. I choose PayPal for withdrawal, are there problems/issues with PayPal for withdrawals from Impact? Because I’m not yet receive money to my PayPal.



+1, it’s already 20th of the month and balance is still not locked. Very strange even though it was weekend… I contacted Impact support and @emile_b via email about this issue.


Thanks Both, on to this, will have an update on this ASAP!


Any news on the update?

Early in the month, impact had an announcement that they were having an issue with PayPal withdrawals and that they were doing their best to resolve the issue with PayPal. Probably this is the reason why we haven’t received the funds in our accounts. Has this been resolved?

I’ve tried to send an email to them but I’ve not had a response for a week now. I hope this issue can be resolved promptly.

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I get paid March 25, 2019.