Didn’t get payment

Hello, I have sold through the Impact link, it seems that the payment was completed on May 20th, and I have received the invoice, but so far I have not received the payment

They don’t send the money just right away, I believe. I think it’s been calculated at the end of the month and you may need to reach the minimum total to receive it, too

I sold it in April.

Payouts are processed on the 15th of each month . You also need a minimum of $50 for the payout to be complete.

I have not paid 500 dollars to me in April, but I have received the invoice from envato

I wonder if envato has paid impact, but impact has not paid me

as far I know impact keeps all payment around 30 days in pending (till impact not get paid from envato). have you checked your impact account pending balance (click on Balance amount adropdown will show)?

image My balance is settled, But they didn’t pay me

they will payout in next month payout schedule.

Thank you. When will they pay me next month

there are 2 options 1st & 15th of the month and it depends on your ‘Withdrawal Settings’. check your impact account Withdrawal Settings.

I choose a lower payment of more than $50

when have you chosen? recently or when
Also for Paypal payout min $50 and for SWIFT I think min $500

I chose paypal, and I filled in the payment method on 18th

you can wait for 1st date next month to see the result, otherwise contact impact support.

OK, thank you.

Hi, you can contact on their customer support asap…for any query and any problem…