Demo content under copyrights

Hi everyone,

I purchased a template from author (QuanticaLabs), the theme (Autoride).

No mention whatsoever, is outlined for copyrights and end user rights concerning medias , on what they call “Dummy Content” to upload for installing just like the demo on their description, before buying.

I am starting a communication with them, onto that issue, it looks like I spent a 79$ for not being in rights of using the images or medias contented in theme purchased, and I am disapointed.

My question:

Do you think I can get refund, since I have already uploaded the template files on my computer?

What if the author refuses to refund me, what options are left for me?

Honestly, I read thru their theme description and limitations, nowhere is indicated, on purchase date prior march 9th, 2020, that medias or images used in theme are under copyrghts, and can’t be dispalyed after complying with the full payment.

If so would have been the case, I would not purchase the template.

Thanks for your help.

Authors are not entitled to provide the images that been used on the website regarding to " copyright issues ". You have no rights to ask for the refund as you have paid for the theme, not for the images

In this case, what you can do only to ask the author where they have purchased the images so you can get the links and purchase it separately if you still want it

If the images are copyrighted, then the author can’t do anything about it. It is not up to them to allow you use of those images. This is a very common for all themes sold here. I mean you are purchasing the theme, not the demo images. However, I agree that the author should mention it in the item description (I do it for my items) as it can be confusing for new customers.

You can definitely try to ask for a refund, but it is up to the author if he approves it or not. You are certainly not entitled for a refund in this case, but maybe the author will approve it anyway.

But you will have this issue with most of the themes here. So you should decide if you are shopping for a theme, or for a demo content.

Hi, LSVRthemes and Ki-themes,

Thank you for your kind answers, like you said at the end, “So you should decide if you are shopping for a theme, or for a demo content.”, that is exatly the point, I decided to purchase the theme, because it is proposed to make your installed version with the content. it does not say anything about copyrights of the images or medias.

I am not a beginer, I bought sevral themes for my clients, for instance “BeTheme” or “Avada” when you read their descriptions, they write : “Install with content”.

QuanticaLabs does too, but the major diference is that you cannot get use of media and or images ! And it’s not described, explained or whatsoever, anywhere. If I had read , no media content, I would not buy it, because my end user needs ithe medias and images.

To go further, here is what is described to the potential buyer before paying a 79$, in theme options from the author:


Install the Theme and import demo data by using Theme Demo Data Installer Panel under Appearance Menu within admin area. Select demo data to be imported: Widgets settings, Dummy content, Theme options, and press Import demo data button. No need to mess around with XML files!

Isn’t it a bit confusing?

And here is a link of complete theme from AutoRide made by QuanticaLabs :

Please share your opinion onto these facts.

I agree that they should mention that images are not included, that would be fair and transparent. It is a bit of a grey zone, but I understand where are you coming from.

The thing is that majority of buyers would want to use their own content/images, so they have no need for demo images at all. That’s why some authors don’t mention demo images in their description. They simply do not expect anybody would need them. So unless the item description explicitly state that demo images are included, you should not expect them, hence you are not eligible for a refund. That said, you can still request a refund and if you explain the situation in a polite manner, the author can still approve it.

There are thousands of authors here on TF and there are no standards on how to handle the stuff like demo data, so you should always use the comments section to ask pre-sale questions before purchase.

Demo data and demo images are different things. You get the “data” when you used the importer, right? As I said, the demo images for visual purposes only and if it’s not free source, they don’t purchase the extended license for the images

I looked at the theme page and there isn’t any mention of images not coming with the theme. That being said, it’s not a usual practice to provide stock photos with a theme. I do think that the theme creators need to mention that on the theme page, so it’s not confusing to buyers, especially beginners. You could try reaching out to Envato or Theme Forest about this. Minimally the theme creator should mention that on their sales page. It’s something to try.

It’s not necessary but probably it’s mentioned on the documentation at the license section if there’s any