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Slightly subjective, but still… I’ve always been slightly surprised they’re accepted. On the other hand, templates like that drive people to the Facebook site. So you’d think they’d accept it. Still, time will tell if it results in a mass cull of all such items, and whether they come after everyone.


LOL You are so modest! :smiley:

It’s always a risk to use other logos except Envato. Even if today it’s allowed, nobody guaranty that tomorrow it will be not forbidden.

They can come only for Envato.


Haha no one else here is getting directly contacted by lawyers from the most well known company on the planet…so I had to intentionally throw modesty out the window with a bit of sarcasm. Also, I had the highest sales of anyone else with Facebook items in less than a year so…

Anyway…no, they won’t only come for Envato. I spoke with the lawyers on the phone yesterday and it’s going to go both ways. They’re going to go for the artists, then they’ll go for Envato in tandem. I’m just putting it out there, it’s only a matter of time.

Well, they didn’t only come for Envato. They came for flikmotion.



Best to follow the directions in the Help Center on Trademark Use.


True, and I definitely will. Realistically though considering Facebook is the #1 most recognized brand in the world that when a reviewer sees anything come through with the Facebook logo on it - it needs to be rejected on the spot.