Can i use this for preview video?



Hi everyone. I’ve been trying for several days to download envato’s logo on their website. But there is 404 error. Please just tell me if it is possible to use their logo which downloaded not from their web site, but from here:

I need to use it in my preview. As for me, i see no difference, but my items several time were rejected, i need everything to be perfect. Need some advice.Please help me. And sorry for my bad english.


According to this staff reply NOT


I find it highly unlikely the reviewers hard-reject your items just because the logo didn’t look good. If the issue was only the logo, they would’ve soft-rejected your item and asked you to fix it.


What should i do? I cant download full envato’s logo from, because of 404 error. I’ve been trying for several weeks. If you have it, please send it to me.


No, i didn’t mean they rejected items because of logo. I mean, i am afraid they will reject my future items, if i wont use logo that downloaded from thir website. if you have envato’s full logo, please senf it to me


Sorry for the confusion. You won’t need the logo because you are not permitted to use it in your items. Please just submit your item without the logo :slight_smile: Thanks!