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March, 2018

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Original price: $55 // Discounted price: $33





Original price: $24 // Discounted price: $14




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Sport Promo


Original price: $25 // Discounted price: $18


This after effects template is best for any promo and presentation, like production demo, training promo, hip-hop opener, trap style, extreme opener, commercial, photo slideshows, websites, charity, commercials, advertising, event promo, Cycling & Bike Racing. Use your photos and videos with this after effects projects. Easy to Customize and fast render.


Sunny Beach Photo Gallery

Sirius Motion

Original Price: $36 // Discounted Price: $22


Item Description:
Photo Gallery / Slideshow suitable to show your photos, You can dedicate to various events, anniversary, family, birthdays, wedding, pre wedding, corporate, party, event, music concert, anything.
Resolution: Full HD (1920Γ—1080p)
Frame Rate: 30fps
Video Tutorial included
No plugins required
Fully customizable
4 Color effects
After Effects CC 2015 or higher
2 Versions 15 and 25 Image Placeholders.
Duration: 02:20 (18 Placeholders) and 4:10 (29 Placeholders)
Modular Structure: Very easy to edit!
Photographic images and videos are for preview purposes only and not included with the project.
The audio file is not included.
Font link included in txt file
With video tutorial on how to edit the file.


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Original price: $22 // Discounted price: $11

Lower Thirds is Much suitable for your presentation, promotion, web, films, corporate etc…

It is super quick and easy to setup. Just drop in your logo and type in the text you like and you are ready to go.


Dynamic Intro
by Exvideo
Original Price: **19** // Discounted Price: 11

  • Easy to Customize
  • 4K UHD [3840x2160]
  • FULL HD [1920x1080]
  • 30 FPS
  • Text Placeholders: 11
  • Media Placeholders: 9
  • No plug-ins Required
  • CC and above


Cinematic Color Presets
by videologio

Original Price: $15 // Discounted Price: $10


Cinematic Color Presets that will give film look to your projects! You get 44 unique presets but you have hundreds! Create new color profiles after some clicks! Control the intensity of the color grading and the light level!

This Color Presets Pack is the first After Effects Presets Pack that was released on videohive and it is still the bestseller Color Presets Pack!


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Light Leaks & Bokeh Pack I


Original price: $19
Discounted price: $12


The Light Leaks & Bokeh Pack I contains 14 Full HD ready to use light leaks and Bokehs. Very simple to use. Drop it over your current footage & composite using Add or Screen blend modes. They can be used alone or combined with each other Change the opacity for a softer look. you can use it on Any Video Editing Softwares such as Adobe Premiere, Vegas Pro, FCP etc.
Full HD 1920Γ—1080. 50 fps
Interpret to desired frame rate(24,25 or 29.97)
More than 12 minutes of organic footage
14 Organic clips


Original price: $24 // Discounted price: $14

Teaser is an epic After Effects template with swirling vortexes of dynamically animated energy and powerful text animations. Simply style it to the desired preferences, using the full color controller. A breathtaking intro or opener to your films, movies, trailers, teasers, TV shows, commercials, promotions and upcoming events videos.

A Rainy Day Slideshow


Original Price: $22
Discounted Price: $11


A glittering display of your images on a rainy day. This template is ultimate for all occasions like family photos, events, birthdays, anniversaries, weddings and engagements. A perfect valentine present
Full HD 1920Γ—1080
Up to 16 image / video placeholders
Placeholder for all images
Text placeholders for each image
Fast render times
No 3rd party plugins required
Includes video tutorial
After Effects CS5 and above


Memories Lane

Original price : $33 // Discounted Price : $16


A fresh, beautiful and dynamic project that gives your memories a moody vibes and an atmospheric feel to it.
use this project for any occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, vacation, memories etc.,

Includes 2 versions - 24 placeholders, 50 placeholders.


Logo Ident

Author: miseld

Original price: $20 USD
Discounted price: $14 USD


After Effects Logo Ident in 4k UHD Resolution. Reveal any Logo in a few mouse clicks, change the background, modify colour grading. Support is free 24/7.


Extreme Glitch Trailer
by RGBA Design

Original Price: $24 // Discounted Price: $16


Dynamic, well structured glitch project demonstrating professionally animated graphics with modern fast transitions, authentic-looking glitch effects and detailed HUDs!
Glitch effects are customizable – you can alter them by duplicating effect layers and changing their parameters and order of layers!
Extreme Glitch Trailer can be used for any type of media: company promo, corporate intro, advertising, media opener, intro, cinematic, promo, slideshow, tv or media opener, movie trailer, sport trailer, action trailer, marketing, business, promotion, events, sports, demo reel, portfolio, website, YouTube, facebook, smm, social media and more!


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Glitch Lights Titles
by RGBA Design

Original Price: $24 // Discounted Price: $16


Fast-paced After Effects project, perfect for intro, cinematic, promo, slideshow, tv or media opener, movie trailer, sport trailer & action trailer!

Also perfect for: cinematic slideshow, corporate / special event opener, travel photo / video album, dynamic promo, business presentation, photo gallery, product showcase, broadcast / commercial promo, adventure slideshow, parallax showreel, summer travel slideshow, corporate presentation, dynamic intro, music / fashion show, modern trailer, sport event intro, media opener, educational video, tutorial, film / movie titles, magazine demo reel, night party slideshow, portfolio, opener for any special occasions, TV show, broadcast pack, awards package, YouTube / Vimeo / Facebook / Twitter video!

Fast rendering & easy editing!