Deals & Discounts FAQs


What is this?!

  • “Deals & Discounts” is a place where customers can see current deals on Envato Market items. See our full announcement here. Each author can post/share upto three discounted items per calendar month. It’s great for customers as they can discover great content and great prices, and it’s great for authors as they have a place where they can promote and market their discounted items. We/Envato may further highlight some of the best items by curating them and promoting them at the top of the Deals & Discounts page.

What Deals & Discounts opportunities are currently available?

How do I participate in the Deals & Discounts promotion?

  • Begin by reading our requirements and what you need to provide, and then simply post your item to the right thread. Please note that you must provide everything we request in order for your promotion to be considered for use. Failure to follow all the instructions and requirements may result in your item/promotion being removed and/or not promoted.

Will more opportunities for different Envato Market sites and categories appear soon?

  • We hope so! We will be reviewing and monitoring our initial Deals & Discounts category with a view to publishing more in the future and refining the process where necessary.

How often can I post to a Deals & Discounts thread?

  • You may post three maximum items, per thread, per calendar month. You cannot list the same item in consecutive months, you will need to skip a month. For example: You could post a discount for Item A in January, but you would not be able to post it in February, and you would not be able to post it again until March.

How do you define a “deal” or “discount”?

  • A “deal” or “discount” is defined as a temporary price reduction compared to the original price of the published item.

What criteria will you use to highlight/feature discounted items?

  • If we decide to further promote your discounted items by including them at the top of a Deals & Discounts page, we may consider one or more of the following: Item quality, presentation of your item, usefulness of your item, and/or discounted price/percentage.