How can i get discount again on themeforest? when will be the next sale on themeforest.

on Saturday it is showing me the discount on the product. but today on Monday when I log in to buy the Careerfy job board WordPress theme it is showing me the regular price. discount is
I want to buy a job board WordPress theme with a discount, not a regular price.
is there any way to get a discount coupon or to get a discount on a particular theme, what can I do?
when will be the next sale on ThemeForest.

Hi @mirzaa68,

In the Envato market, there are no coupon systems for getting discounts.
But you can get an Item with discounted price when any author gives a discount for their item(s) using Author discount tools or Envato will run any Sale campaign.

If you search Item in any category in the search filter you will see the On Sale filter to find discounted Items on the market.