When are the coupon codes coming?

Existing client just asked me for a discount on our newest item. I would gladly offer him a discount, but I simply can’t. I had to decline him because the only option I have is to reduce the price for everyone.

Dear Envato, we are losing money on this!

If you reduce the price for that particular customer then you also lose money :slight_smile:

Why would you offer a discount only for one customer?! Just curious :wink:

If he enjoy your item, then he should buy it again and appreciate your work.


It’s been discussed before and if I remember right it’s not happening because partly to avoid less genuine authors exploiting systems but more to keep the marketplace a level paying field - if you discount an item as is currently possible then it’s available to any buyer, just like when there used to be bundles. Having coupon codes for exclusive individuals or a selection of users is not a fair way to offer it.

Giving a coupon code in this case would be a symbol of apreciating a returning custumer.
I don’t think this is a bad thing.
It is a Win-WIn-Win

Envato earns money,
Author earns money,
Client is happy.

Having to change the item price is just lame.