Envato feature sugges: Items on discount

I have one suggestion for the Envato market about item discounts. This feature will increase the Envato sales and will help authors too.

  1. You can add an ability to choose a discount percentage on the item edit page. For example, the price of our Booknetic plugin is $79, and we want to apply 50% discount. Like the below image:

  2. You can create a new page named “Items on discount” and put the link in the dashboard, like the below image:

    The page will show the discounted items, and users can filter some criteria. E.g., filter by categories, order by price. Show the newest items first, best sellers, best-rated items, etc.

  3. Send notifications to followers about the discount or show notification message on the dashboard that your followed author fs-code applies a discount for his item named Booknetic.

  4. On item preview image, you can add a green “Discount” label like you have done it in the last Cyber Monday campaign.

We think that it will increase the interest in the Envato market and help new items to go into the market successfully. As a result, Envato will not depend on only email marketing during discount campaigns.

If you also have addition to this feature, please reply it as a comment below this topic :slight_smile:
Thanks in advance,

Best Regards,
FS Code.


While this is a nice idea and it’s always good to have authors and buyers make recommendations, I’m afraid it probably wouldn’t work (similar ideas have been previously suggested).

The over arching issue would be that because authors would control this rather than envato, making it almost Impossible to moderate and leading to:

  • some authors will try to misuse this opportunity

  • the category, end up with it becoming overcrowded and devalue the concept

  • currently contacting followers directly is not possible

  • the label is a nice idea but again would be awkward and potentially exploitable with such emphasis on author control

The general concept is still good - it’s just a case of finding a fair and effective way to implement it

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Hi @fs-code - thanks for the detailed suggestion!

The Market team are already working on a few aspects of this, aiming to make it easier to set up promotional pricing, and to make those items more visible to customers. The “Was/Now” pricing you saw on sale items during Cyber Monday was an early stage in this work, and there have also been some Category page experiments (such as a new content block for items currently on sale) tested recently on ThemeForest.

You’ll start seeing more of these over the next few months as new functionality is built, tested on different marketplaces, and optimised.