VideoHive Templates

Hello, I need after effect template for selling in VideoHive so you create a Profesional level template?


Give me the Ae file also.
No other use for this template.
Give me All Copyright.
Sound Used also
Try to not use plugins and effects, incase used any effects and plugins so provide me both.

Thank You.

Explain in more detail what you need. Now it’s hard to understand why someone should make a template and give it to you with the all copyright :man_shrugging:

I need templates for selling like intro, outro, Promo, Slideshow, etc. And all the Copyrights because I will selling in videohive

What’s your budget? $1000 / $10,000 / $100,000?

200 to 300 Per Templet

You’ll have trouble finding anyone who will create something of a high quality for that amount. I mean, if somebody has the ability to create an After Effects template that will get approved on VH, then more often than not, they’re going to earn more than that from sales over the course of a year or two. If it’s great then over a month or two, and if it’s amazing, over a week or two. You might get lucky and find somebody who is short of cash right now though. Your best bet for a high quality result with a bit of security would be Envato Studio, but I’ll surprised if you find anyone for that amount.



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:joy: It seems to me that this gentleman is looking for fools which he could exploit for his own profit. Good luck with that :cowboy_hat_face:

This is the wrong place to look for making a quick cheap buck. Developing high quality video-templates or motion graphics that pass Envatos tough review AND sell well is hard, long work by professionals who value their customers time and effort and don’t see them as an ATM.

For making quick money either invent something that solves a REAL problem (no, your empty wallet is not a real problem) or just sell toilet paper or face-masks.

Good luck!

If you are going to pay a designer 200-300$ for a project, then you expect that the project will bring you more than 200-300$. Because you want to make a profit. Right? If the project brings more than 200-300$, so what is the point of giving a designer a completely finished high-quality project to you for 200-300$ if he can upload it to his own profile and get more than 200-300$? Moreover, uploading a project is not a big deal. Anyone can do it. So why do you want some designer to do all the work and share his money with you? There is no logic in it :thinking:

The only logic is that if specific designer earns here those 200-300$ per month, so he can earn additional 400-600$ per month for 2 projects, or even 600-900$ for 3. But I doubt that such kind of designer will bring enough quality to make profit in a long run. Mb it will work if there will be amount of 10 projects per month with future aiming at Elements. idk

It’s okay to ask, I think. Some people prefer the safe payment than the chance of selling good/bad.

You of course can decline the offer, but @Hariskhalil166 is upfront with what he is going to do with the template so everyone can make up their minds about it.

He also takes the risk of getting rejected and having low sales.