Looking for Template or Someone to build me one

Hello to the Group from Miami Beach , Florida. USA
I am either looking for this template, or, someone to build me one…
Thx in advance…
REF : https://www.facebook.com/aperofilms/videos/vb.815068251887947/1118006758260760/?type=2&theater

That link is for that company to make the video for me, I want the actual template or one very similar
It is Not Cost Effective to let them do it for me,
Thank you for your efforts, i need someone to build me that template

If they’re selling it on their website, then it’s unlikely it’ll be available here. And it’s maybe a little too simple to be accepted on VideoHive. Your best bet is to search for slideshow templates on VideoHive and see if there’s any suitable templates that you can use.

I’m sure somebody here or on Envato Studio would be happy to create you a custom template, but it’s unlikely they’d do it for less than the $99 that the other company are charging.

Hi @larrybomse

Feel free to contact me via my profile page if you need custom work.