Davinci Resolves licenses on VideoHive

Do I need to buy an item (DaVinci Resolve motion design) each time I want to use same item for a clients work cos we only get licensed to use an item for one end product? Even if I used just one or two motion designs or typography?

Hi @magam111! Are you purchasing the item from VideoHive, or via an Envato Elements subscription?

Hi! I am purchasing from VideoHive

For VideoHive items, the Regular Licence covers use of that item to make a single end product - there’s an overview of the licence types here.

A “single application” can cover things like multiple episodes in a series, or variations like cut-downs and translations - the license FAQ covers those use cases here.

If you’re using the item to create multiple end products (for example, using some elements from an item to create one client video, and using some other elements from the same item to create a different video) you would need a Regular Licence for each of those projects.

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