VideoHive License for Davinci Resolve Presets

Hi ! I have purchased Davinci Resolve packs/presets in the past from other websites and upon purchase i was basically able to use them as i please, provided that i don’t resell them of course.

I am looking at buying at buying this : Super Creators Pack (5000+ Elements), DaVinci Resolve Templates | VideoHive with the intention of using it for Youtube videos for my channel, but the single end product mention in the license makes no sense to me.

Is this supposed to be a single video ? So every time I’d want to make a new video for my channel i’d want a new license ? Obviously that would make zero sense and I would avoid, but I wanted to clarify in case i am misunderstanding it.

Thanks !

The license mentions as “Single end-product” means that you could use the effects on a single video as much as you need but if you create another video for YouTube, you may need to get a new purchase code.

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Yeah, that’s what I understood as well, but this would make absolutely zero sense for a presets pack lol. I guess I’ll just have to avoid then, oh well.

Selling / advertise strategy

It’s a shame frankly cause some packages look neat, but can’t be getting a 5000 elements package to use on a single video lol :smile: I ended up grabbing some from other vendors that allow for normal licensing and use of the asset from a single workstation perpetually. Which is frankly the only thing that makes sense when buying a presets pack.