Licensing-Buying the correct License for a freelancer

I am a new freelance motion designer. I want to purchase HUD Typography Motion Design item containing 250 elements. I want use these elements combined with my original content in my new portfolio website. When I create work for clients how do I license each (use) assignment and which license do I need from you? Thank you.

Are you referring to Envato Elements or VideoHive? They’re different than each other, but I believe both would require you to have a new license for each.

On Elements I think there’s a “Register” button next to an item that you’ve previously claimed on your Downloads page, which you’ll need to do every time you use the item for a new project, even if it’s for the same client.

On VideoHive you’ll have to purchase the Regular License each time, which you can work into your pricing for clients.

I am so confused. I haven’t subscribed yet because I can’t figure out why I keep reading about standard and enhanced, etc. Aren’t you able to license each photo each time for each project and it is all under the flat monthly rate ($33/month)?