dark romantic


what do you think? approve or reject? https://soundcloud.com/benny-cornelius/dark-romantic-preview


I think reject.



I think it will be reject. But even no, it will not sell well. Try to make more commercial sound.
Good luck!


Okay, i try to find a “commercial cinematic” way :slight_smile:


Have to agree with the others. This sounds more like a suspense/horror track to me, try something lighter for romance :slight_smile:


Thats why i choose the “suspense&dark cinematic” category on the upload :slight_smile:


Good cinematic track. “Suspense/dark” category uniquely. Good luck!


Hehe, thanks mate :slight_smile:


Sounds very nice to me for a moody/dreamy presentation. I would even have made the piano sound a bit more (cinematic) darker. :wink:


The melody or just another piano sound? @CineTracks


The piano sound. Something where you can also hear the wooden touch of the piano keys a bit, if that makes sense… (if you do a search for ‘cinematic piano’ you should find a few examples on Youtube)


Thank you. Tips are welcome for a piano newbie :slight_smile:



Me too (on Audiojungle), so don’t take my word for it, it might fail completely, but maybe worth a try! :wink:


at my taste, this is too simple production for approving


WOW, Hexen II :smile:

Piano sounds a little bit “middish” imo.


okay, seems like i need a happy reviewer :smiley:


i made a theme from that track,…i think, its better now :slight_smile: https://soundcloud.com/benny-cornelius/dark-theme-preview


Sounds great to me! :wink:


không sao, có vẻ như tôi cần một người xem hạnh phú