Critical Reviews keep dissapearing

I don’t know if anyone has noticed this but critical reviews with ratings 2 and below keep getting removed from the review section, I don’t know why that is done but it’s not cool and the worst part is the author of the review is not even notified about it.

So far I have over 30 scripts in my collections purchased from ThemeForest and CodeCanyon, and about a couple of them are total blunders, poor code quality, loads of vulnerabilities, and I tried to write a review on them but after a couple of days those reviews were removed, no comment or reason why those reviews were taken down.

It would depend what the review said and how accurate it is but authors cannot remove reviews, only envato can and they tend not to unless there’s a reason.

Unfortunately no one in the forums is going to provide a definite answer as it would not be possible to accurately assess things.

Your best option is to ask support Envato Market Help and Support