My review disappeared

I wrote a critical review for a very buggy and bad plugin. The author replied.
When I checked back now a few weeks later the review is gone.
What happened? Also another 1 star review I saw last time is gone.
I beginning to understand why the plugin has only 5 star reviews now.

Why not ask them to fix it before you give it a critical review? If they don’t respond to you in a while, It is your time to leave a negative review.


yes, just leave an another review good luck

It’s worth mentioning that the author cannot remove a review - this has to be done by envato, so they should be able to add clarity if needed.

Thanks, I’ve sent a message to envato to enquire about this. The author is a very big elite author, I’m wondering if they are maybe connected to envato in some way. If so then I guess this tread might disappear also.
I did look at the review guidelines and could not see that I have broken any of the rules.

I did work with the author to try to solve the problems, but there was just too many issues so I finally gave up.

I have not heard back from Envato now after 8 days.