What do you think about the review system?

Hi everybody! Today I’m gonna ask you something about Envato (Codecanyon) review system: Do you like how it works?

I mean, since I started selling on Codecanyon, back in 2015 and until now I’ve received few reviews (under 10, but I have 34 in total) with texts like these: “PHP ERREUR”, “Cannot connect cronjob. I need cronjob script url like **.com/updateserver.php not like this .com/cronjobs/ dev<21 null” (even if script runs on Codeigniter)" and so on. These reviews, excepting one, are from clients who never contacted me after buying. They never asked me for help, but they left me these reviews, reviews which are affecting my rating. On the other hand, I can’t report review for being unfair because there’s no button for that.

How’d solve this situation?

Hi !

I can understand such type of reviews are really embarrassing. Unfortunately there is no proper and prompt option available to overcome the situation but you can always get help and support from support team. https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

Please contact support in order to get rid of such type of spamming reviews. Also one of the most terrible things is that with such type of reviews rating and overall integrity of a business profiles definitely gets affected. :confused:

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