Does Envato really reviews the items?

I’ve been working diligently on a new product, an OpenAI-based chatbot manager designed to provide AI-based customer support for businesses. However, I recently received a rejection email from CodeCanyon stating, “Your item, AiDex - OpenAI-based AI chatbots widgets manager, has been rejected,” only two hours after submission!

I checked my hosting service access logs and noticed no new visits or requests, which I would have expected from the review team. This is not an isolated incident; I have observed the same pattern across multiple products I’ve submitted. This raises concerns about the review process. Is there a thorough evaluation of items, or are approvals and rejections based on other criteria? Two hours is not sufficient time to deploy, test, or explore the features of an application comprehensively.

After a while trying to get items approved on the CodeCanyon marketplace, i started to really think that Envato is just a waste of time.

For your reference, here are the demo and documentation links for my product:


I would appreciate any insights or feedback you can provide regarding this matter.


its random - just reupload

Allright, I’ll try to. can you provide some feedback since you’re a level 8 author, before re-submiting the item? or it’s just fine to go as an initial release

If you are sure in the quality of your product and you follow upload rules, just reupload. Check something similar from other authors. all authors do it this way. some reviewers can be incompetent :frowning: