Could You Help Me Please to Give a Clue or guide for these track

Hello… Dear all my friend…
I was 2 about two years trying to produce music for audio jungle, unfortunately there is no track accepted by AJ team.

All of tracks get hard rejection, with “not meet general commercial quality”

And now i am stuck and don’t know what should i do with my newest track to meet the general quality.

So, Could you help me?
Please give me a clue or guide for these track in this link to at least meet general commercial quality standard by audiojungle.

Here is the link :

If you don’t mind, could you review and give me a clue or guide for each track?

Thank you in advance…

Hello! All your tracks require good mixing and partial replacement of sounds (libraries) to get started. I’m sure advice like (guitar quieter) won’t help you. You have to learn to hear and correct your mistakes yourself (audiojungle has many similar tracks with a commercial sound). If you don’t, then this business is not for you. This process lasts endlessly for each composer, producer, mix engineer. You still have a lot to learn, as do I and many. You must always learn! But you already know a lot. You are not at the beginning of the journey. Do not be lazy to listen and analyze the reference tracks. I am sure that even with poor monitoring you can hear all the flaws in your arrangements and mixing. Good luck and patience!

@Romantic_City Thank You for your comment and advice.
So, the problem was in my ear, couldn’t hear clearly the flaws in those arrangements and mixing.

Honestly, i wish someone can give me a few example about those flaws (e.g compression, frequency, depth or what), i don’t know whether it can help me or not, but at least i think it can give me a guide to learn more first.

But it’s ok, still thank you for your help and explanation. I will try to follow your following guide, And of course, i don’t want to stop here, i will learn and

the point is should learn more in mixing, and not lazy to listen and analyze reference track. Is it right?

Thank you very much…

Learn mixing, arrangement and sound design with your favorite reference tracks. Watch YouTube tutorials. This knowledge is collected bit by bit. Good luck and success!