Audio Jungle rejection - help?!?


Can anyone help. I’ve been uploading to AJ since December '16. My first 3 tracks were accepted and, of course, I thought I’d cracked it! So, of course, I’m disappointed to have my latest 2 tracks hard-rejected:

“After some careful consideration, it was determined that this submission does not meet AudioJungle’s commercial production (recording/mixing/mastering) standard, and its commercial composition/arrangement standard, unfortunately.”

Can anyone advise me on why they think these might have been rejected? Since uploading the first 3 I’ve been trying to work on:

  1. boosting volume to meet the same levels as other tracks
  2. including loops

Here are links to the tracks:

Track no 2 got potential but you need a mastering plug. It sounds like a cassette demo. Good luck!

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Thanks for the feedback. I’ve attempted to do some mastering within logic using compressors, EQ and limiter. I’m trying to get the mix up to an equivalent loudness to other AJ tracks. Maybe I’ve gone for too much compression / limiting and it’s crushed the mix?

Any advise on what mastering plugins / software you would use would be great and what you are aiming for in post-production / mastering for Audio Jungle (e.g… levels etc.)

I don`t understand structure of these tracks. Try to send one simple version.

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Hey, I think the compositions are good, but the mix is worse. It sounds like mono files. You need to place the instruments useful in the stereo field…

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Ozone will do the job or maybe you can find a good one here.
Dont forget the exciter on the master out and have a good track outside to compare to.

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Please check your tracks. Is it mono all ?

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Hey guys

Thanks for your feedback. You’re right. When checking, my mixes do lack enough stereo spread. What I’ve done with the limiters in my “mastering” seems to have essentially altered the stereo field and made things sound almost mono. Is that possible? I’ll try to give more separation to all the instruments by placing them further across the stereo field. Then be more gentle with the mastering perhaps. Using Logic for mastering is probably not the right way to go. Ozone sounds good.

Hey. Ozone looks good. Do you recommend the Complete or the Advanced?

I think that you over squashed your mixes. Your first track has prominent resonant sounds and many harsh high frequencies, for example. Seems like you ve pushed limiter too much. And if your track is not balanced, over compession will only kill your sound. Start with mixing, remove all problematic frequencies and you wont need any additional plugins, since they wont help that much if there are mixing problems.

P.S. But still, personally would recommend Izotope Advanced) It’s a great tool

That’s really useful feedback thanks. I suppose I’ve been trying to match the loudness of the other tracks on AudioJungle - and that’s how I’ve ended up over limiting. With or without Ozone, what’s the best way of getting my tracks up to the correct level without relying too heavily on compression and limiting? Are you suggesting just a good mix and normalisation at the end will do the trick?

I think good mixing is a 90% of success. You will need a limiter/ multiband compressor on master channel anyways (especially, if you’re looking for modern super loudness like -3 RMS). I would actually suggest to forget about loudness, concentrate on proper gain staging and eq’ing first. Its kinda hard to give one versatile advice, since there are many factors, and i am still learning things myself:)

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Thanks for sharing

Try to make your guitar in stereo in first track!
It will be sound better!
Now It sounds like mono)
Nice Ideas!!!

Same thing in second track!)