Anyone else getting rejected for no reason?

I have submited a couple of tracks to test audio jungle’s market, followed all the requirements.
The mix of both is on point. The ideas sound good and blend in the community.
Does anyone think that AJ rejects on purpose or is it just me?
Is it worth trying to “adapt” to something as unclear to what they want as AJ?


It sucks getting rejected… but please go ahead and post your tracks right here on the forum.
It might be small mixing problems, structure problems, or simply not the genre they wish to add to the Marketplace.

I do not think the reviewers reject tracks “just because” and for no reason. It would make no sense to decline tracks that could potentially be succesful and make profit.

I would post the tracks here and let’s see if other authors can help.


Thank you!
I will check them again on other speakers too,or in a car, idk… maybe there are things to fix…

Post links, if you’re interested in what others have to say.

Umm! How can i post here without having it on soundcloud or YT ? xD

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You can share with Google Drive

Register there and life will be easier. :slightly_smiling_face:

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