First track, review please?

Hi, how y’all doing?
I sent my first 5 tracks to audiojungle and ALL got rejected with the not very specific “do not fit the quality expected” criteria. Could you help me out finding the issue in one of them?
This is the track:

My guess is that the structure is not very useful as it changes a lot, and have breaks and very different moments, etc.
If I could get this right, maybe I can fix all the tracks (hoping is the same issue in all of them).

Thanks in advance!

Hi, @nckmusic!
I think that idea of track is very great. Cool cinematic sound. I think you can create great documentary track. You need to edit arrang with more “AudioJungle feel”. Try to edit your arrangement to some standarts (more repetitive and easy listening, add some standart instruments for this kind of production - pno, replace woods by strings (or mix them), ect ) :slight_smile:
I suggest you to listen some examples for “documentary”, “documentary trailer”.
Alo try to add some verb, because sound is raw. It’s sounds like very high quality demo, but not like full mixed professional track.
Hope it help you! Good luck! :blush:

I agree with @LuckyBlackCat, it sounds raw it needs improvement in the mix, also maybe the track has not “commercial value” for audiojungle.

I had these tracks here and I uploaded them as they were, but I think I need to make them sounding more like Audiojungle and make them more repetitive, more straight forward.
Will work on them. Thanks for the feedback!

It’s amazing idea!
Track sounds like Thomas Newman)))

I think, that you need better mixing and some room!
And more lively instruments!

I agree with LuckyBlackCat, this track is very long, and arrangement is not typical for audiojungle format!