Could you give me feedback for my first cinematic track?

rejected. tell me what’s wrong, please, it is my first attempt

You have to pay a bit more attention to the timing.The piano is not on time.Even if it is a deliberate choice , it is way too much. The ostinato strings need a bit of realism.I know is programmed but some intervals are impossible to be played by real musicians.I don’t know how important might be this for the customers , but it will help you for further music projects.The overall sound is a bit thin and cloudy.The violins are in a really high register and there is no support in the lower register for them.( violas,1st violins, cellos and maybe a divisi violas doubling the main horns theme to increase the dramatism and emotions.Try to lower the drums a bit.Higher volume is ok for trailerish genre,but here is a bit too loud.Also, you need some transition for the main break.Try some timpani and cymbals crescendo rolls in order to emphasise the next part.This could be also the main rejection reason.