My first try at Cinematic > Dramatic, Action, Adventure rejected. Please listen and rip it apart, I'd love to know how can I improve.

Hello, please listen to my first try in Cinematic > Dramatic, Action, Adventure that has been rejected. My only aim is to improve so please criticize it in every aspect (composition, mixing, mastering, midi instruments, etc.)

Cool track!

Here are the points that may have brought on the rejection:

The strings sound too airy and flat, they lack body.
The drums sound a bit muddy with not enough oomph in the low end.
The lead instrument (starting at 0:49) has a harsh resonating frequency that’s rough on the ears.

Mix is too muddy and too crowded with some frequency clusters.
Not enough low end.

The third chord of your progression is unusual, it’s great for creating unresolved tension, but it creates some weird harmonies that borderline on dissonance with the melody.

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Thanks a lot, I appreciate your comments!