Hard rejection, need feedback

Hello everyone, dear forum users. Received a hard rejection for a cinematic track.

I would really like to receive feedback from you. What is wrong, what could be corrected, etc. ?

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Big-Dean, at first welcome to the forum.
That rejection was right in my opinion. The intention of your composition isn’t too bad, but the execution is horrible. It sounds like to me, that you have bought a few orchestral libraries but you don’t know how to use it.

  • you should decide if the Double Basses shall play Spiccato or Legato in the intro. Proposal: try to use Legato Celli instead.
  • check your latency compensation of the instruments
  • the used Violas/Violins Tremolo at 00:53 (and later) sounding weird, in general you are using tremolo too much
  • the Staccato Brass is good, also the melody of the Violins
  • I miss dynamic and expression on the strings - it’s all full power the whole song. You changed only the volume.
  • the high Violins in the intro background are too quiet
  • the used Piattis at the end sounding displaced, they do not fit and are overused
  • the whole mix is powerless and I miss dynamic and tension and your mix is dull

Try to download a video, for what genre your music is intended. Then combine it with your music. Watch the video and ask yourself, if you would buy this music in it’s actual state to finish and support an end product. Take the place of a customer.
I like the intention of your composition. The track isn’t lost. But you need to learn, how orchestral instruments are used. And you need to learn about mixing and mastering.

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Many thanks for the detailed description of the problem. I will try to study orchestration in more detail, as well as correct mixing and mastering.

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In this composition I used Albion One,Valhalla Room, Decapitator and Fab Filter for EQ.

There are plugins, but no experience))

Is the Albion One the only VST library you own? I mean, Spitfire produces great libraries, but in my experience layering with other libraries give a way better result. Spitfire libraries have a lack in the brass section (in my opinion). Albion One is a “starter product”, which means, you can do classical stuff, But when it comes to the separation of the instruments, they suck. They are often provide presets like “Hi Strings” and “Lo Strings” and so far. But what, if you are search for separated staccato horns? Therefore other libraries are better, like Cinesamples Brass. A good (and expensive) choice for compositions like yours are always the Orchestral Tools Metropolis Ark1 library and other stuff from them.
For mastering I would recommend to use (and learn) the Ozone mastering suite. There are good presets from which you can learn, how to use the different elements like eq, compressor, limiter, imager in combination. It is essential to use it.

But one serious word at the end: The commercial stock music market is a hard and serious business with a hard competition. I really don’t understand, how do you think to be successful, if you buy some VST’s without knowing to use it. Sure, you can try it “learning by doing” - but this is the hard way you have to go. AJ has implemented an upload limit, based on your item approval ratio.

Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate your advice

We all started somewhere, and every defeat and every refusal is an additional incentive to step forward. I’m not afraid of difficulties and will experiment and learn!)