First uploaded track - got hard rejected and need feedback

Hello everyone!

My first uploaded cinematic track got a hard reject for not meeting quality standard. Could you tell me what may be wrong?
Listen here
My initial thoughts are:

  • track may be too quiet;
  • horns melody is a little too loud.
    A friend of mine also said spiccatos are a little blurry.

And another question: why hard reject? why not soft so I could redo the mixing process? So the question is: may be it’s not only about quality, but my track is not suitable for commercials and stuff? What do you think?

Thanks in advance!

Hello and welcome to the community.

I would like to share with you my thoughts ( and sorry for my English)

1_as you say it by yourself The horn is too loud and dry it needs some reverbs, also for some layers needs reverbs because I hear the track a bit dry
2_(optional) the track is long, makes a short and solid track like 2:30 or you can split it and make some versions
3_ the big problem in your track and the first reason of rejection is the Choirs at 1:57 that sounds fake and amateur
4_a bit problem of the mix try to EQ better every instrument and add reverbs, and remember Automation is very important for this kind of music

I wish you good luck with your next submission, I hope someone else could give his thoughts

Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate your help.

Speaking of automation, you mean that I need more to use more expression with CCs, right?
And what about choir, legato transitions aren’t smooth enough?

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Automation is about the adjustment of faders of some instruments like volumes
the choir I’m talking about the legato, it sounds fake, I suggest you make a legato string for example, and make it shorter it’s too long

Thank you so much

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you are welcome bro

Hi, the horns sound unrealistic, nobody could play so long without taking a breath.

I’ve tried to put some pauses for breath, do you think they are too short?

Make the pauses much longer this will make it more realistic. I would even add a light decrescendo on the ending notes.

Thanks for help!

Great track, but programmation, arrangement and mix can be better.

To begin, your spiccatos lack dynamics, try to make them more wavy (fade in fade out, fade in, fade out with velocity etc).

Your melodic lines (horns and choir) need to sounds more human, more fluid and expressive. The attack of each notes are too similar. Try to attach those notes to make lines with a pause between each line. Avoid samples repetition and use many articulations presets if you can (depending of your sound libraries). Adding to that, use midi CC 1,7,11 etc. You can watch/listen to live orchestra. It would definitely help.

About the mix, your strings, horns and choir have enough reverb to me but the percussion are too dry. I don’t think the horn needs necessarily more reverb (I think the notes are just too detached and it make it sounds dry). If you add something to it just make the tail of the reverb longer a bit but don’t make it more wet.

Your instruments are fighting too much at the same places in the frequency spectrum. Your spiccato could be more brighter, crisp. Your french horns could peak more in the 300-500 area and the choir more in the 600-1600 area. All your instrument needs a bit more definition (hi mid and treble) except for the double basses (it needs to sound more bassy to me so cut it with a hi shelf maybe around 120hz (it will sound more bassy and let more place for the other instruments in the mid and hi). More sub is needed on your big toms/bass drums and double basses. Use the full spectrum, each element needs to peak somewhere more than the others.

About arrangement, I would hear trombones playing harmony under the horns near the end and trumpets over.

Sorry for my maybe not perfect english.

I hope it helps! :slight_smile:

What a great and detailed explanation. Thank you so much!

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