Hard rejection. Feedback needed!



I have been getting hard rejections on many of my cinematic tracks and i dont really understand why… maybe you can help me with that? Thanks


Update the link, now it does not work.


Now is up!


OK. Yes, your track is good. Disadvantages: 0:20 there is no culmination (meat) (there is a repetition), but I would like a little more in terms of development, then too much bass and few treble, the strings also sound quiet and not clear. You need to clear the track from the muddy middle (600 Hz as well as 200 Hz), and add clarity and crystalness ( about 4 KHz). The idea of the track is good, but your sound leaves much to be desired!

Try to listen on different equipment, as well as on the quietest volume and the highest volume, “the squeak (smartphone or iphone)” sometimes reveal flaws.

It is necessary that on any device the sound is the same or as possible for which you made the signal.

Good luck! :wink:


I think one of the main reasons for rejection is coming back to the same thing after the break around 0:17. You need something else


Thank you both for your response