Hard rejected item - Why?

Hi everyone!
Please, help me to understand whats wrong with my track. It was rejected cause " this item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle"

In my opinion, there are the following mistakes.

  1. the most important -there is no variety. The same 4 chords (Arpeggio) on the piano irritate from 16 seconds and the violin does not save it.
    Imagine that you fixed it. What’s next.
    2)Transitions (Rise and Hit).
    Here are not correct. they fit other music but not here. There must be something more elegant here(If at all necessary).
    Imagine that you fixed it. What’s next…
    3)Percussion. This is not a heavy trailer. This is a cinematic music with piano as the main theme. Take something lighter. Get inspired by Ludovico Einaudi…
    Imagine that you fixed it. What’s next…
    4)Violins - Must have More life, more variety.
    5)And the last. The work is too compressed. So… Less compression, more removal of frequency conflicts between instruments. Mixing and mastering…

Just imagine when your video Music, it helps a lot. More reference tracks.
With best regards!

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In addition to what was said above, your piano is waaaaay too loud and heavy and it’s the same dynamic level the entire track. This is emotional cinematic music, you have to have dynamic range and contrast throughout the track… and that doesn’t mean just adding a new instrument every 8 bars or so… the whole thing needs to flow from a soft intro to a climax and then back again to bring the listener on a journey.

The other main thing is that the mix/arrangement/orchestration needs a lot of work. Drums are way too loud… you have chords and arpeggios but it doesn’t sound like you have any instrument playing the bassline at all… and probably the biggest issue is that your mix has WAY too much low mids. I’m not exaggerating, you could probably cut 6 dB at 250 Hz from that piano, for example.

Best advice is probably what Kalter suggested. Reference tracks, combined with a frequency analyzer so you can see what is going on. Try to match the reference in terms of overall balance, general song structure, and instrumentation (without directly copying of course). Often what sounds good at first will not sound as good when put up against a professional reference track! But this will help you to improve much faster and eventually get to that level of quality yourself.

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Thanks so much for your advice. I appreciate it and its really helpful for me. Im a beginner in music composing and you help me to improve understanding of how does it work. I`m from Ukraine too, and lived in Lviv for almost 8 years :slight_smile: Good luck and thank you again.

Thank you for reply. It`s very helpful fro me.