Items rejected, please tell why?

I have a lot of works that were rejected, and the reasons are clear to me, but I don’t understand why they were rejected, because there are a lot of similar works on the audio jingle that are quite suitable for politics and are sold.
This is soundcolud links for listen

Please listen and feedback what’s wrong with them
Thank you

Hey :wink:

1. Hybrid Blockbuster Movie Epic Trailer,
Too flat and not naturally sounding strings (particularly long articulations, sustain). Strings have no power, they are not very dynamic, robotic, they have a narrow stereo image, they are also out of place with rest of sounds (reverb).
Arrangement seems to be fine, I’m not an expert or I do not make a song in this genre so I can not say it, I just see as avarage customer, the possible use of this song.
I would distinguish the impact samples so that they would not be so monotonous one by one. In addition, I would improve the mix because the song is very static when it comes to the dynamics.
The whole thing is very bassy, if you listen to the top track on the audiojungle you will notice that the songs sound very clean in the lower registers. The moment from 1:43 when the full orchestra enters should be in my opinion more “impactful” when it comes to automation. Currently, you do not feel this climax (power of it when transitioning from buildup). Mix is ​​the biggest problem here, medium f ranges and low, there is too much going on, they cover very good composition. In your place I would improve the mix and re-upload the song, it has strong potential.
If I had to add something from myself I would diversify the intro, maybe some sweels in the background, extra percussion sounds, synthesizer, drone something that will attract attention. In climax I would add synthetic string textures (to add movement), which you can find even at NOVO strings.

  1. Light Chill has very weak drums, the kick does not fit perfectly (the sample + mix of kick is out of place), the composition is very good, it seems to me that if you had to completely remove percussion the song would be accepted. The only thing I would do when it comes to compositions, after a ~1:00, I would equalize the medium frequency on the piano because they are beginning to disturb whole piece. If you want to use the whole potential of this composition, in my opinion you should go towards post rock, with organic percussion (full drum set) and uplfiting, heavy climax, or delete percussion and make this track technological background. I did not analyze the spectrum of the song, dynamics and so on, I can only say what I hear by the soundcloud, the piano peaks too much, the mix is ​​too muddy, although the resonance ~ 500-1000 Hz is more painful.

Subconsciously, I hear a guitar sounds there. Really, this song needs a guitar in buildup- climax section :wink:

3.Epic Adventure Dramatic Cinematic Trailer

Unnatural sounding strings, an extraordinary harmony (too static) from the very beginning. The strings have been cut too much with a high pass filter or too much saturation, 3k + Hz boost.
The loudness of impacts that should be in the background is too high.
Climax, as in the case of earlier works, is not noticeable (automation, and mix). Climax loses strength compared to buildup. 0:51 taiko roll the wrong volume balance. The brass of 1:23 is sounds little plastic, brass destroys the volume balance of the composition in addition its sounds unnatural. Unnatural transitions of notes 1:27 (compositional problem). The biggest problem is the mix of instruments and the selection of a common reverb space.

That’s all I can write at the moment. Good luck, from compositional side these songs are very good!


great feedback ,i agree with you

Many thanks for such detailed answers, it will help me a lot