Why hard reject?

Hey everyone!

Could you please help me out with a track I submitted - I have no idea why it got rejected. I tried to use good instruments and samples, typical composition, etc. I submitted it to the corporate category.

I haven’t ever been approved so far, so I don’t have a clue what I am doing wrong :slight_smile:
Any advice would be highly appreciated!

lavrtama · Piano 3

@RJ_Production .

Hello.Despite the fact that the lead theme is good, the whole track is basically two sequences. The lead part and the underscore.Lacks development and variety. You need to pay attention to the timing, also. Orchestral strings libraries need to be prerolled a few miliseconds. Usually between 40 - 80. I cannot quite pronounce regarding the mix atm.On earbuds.Although,the strings theme seems way louder than everything else, the drums sound burried in the mix. In my opinion the reviewer has a good reason to reject the item. Have a good day.

Thanks a lot for the feedback!

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