Hard rejected. I need help!

Hi all,
My item was hard rejected. I need help!!! Please, let me know your thoughts ! Thanks in advance.

*Drums are too loud.
*Brass intruments have timing issues.
*Mix is on the muddier side a little bit.
*the syncopation at 1.34 might be distracting for a commercial track (But i am not sure if it is a reason for rejection)
*Arrangement could be more solid and simple (not improvised and complex sections
throughout the track) ) (ı mean 2 bars brass 1 bar guitar 1 bar brass 4 bars guitar solo etc.) Instead maybe 4 bars intro 4 bars brass 4 bars guitar 4 bars brass and 4 bars outro kinda arrangment could work better

Good luck


Thank you very much MagicMood9! I will to correct! :grinning: