What's wrong with this Rejected item?

Hi, I’d like to have an opinion for this item rejection.
Maybe for the master quality?
Non commercial item (my doubt)?
I have a good approval rating, and sometimes I agree with audiojungle team review, but this time I really don’t understand…


i hear a strange knocking in the background?


Its a wooden metronome :slight_smile:

might be the reason for rejection!

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It’s not a metronome :slight_smile:
Thanks for your advice


Hi @SoundMusicMania,

This is a beautiful score. I believe the track was rejected due to the quality of samples and some weaknesses in the mix. In particular the cello and violin samples that come in at 0:30 and 0:53 respectively sound artificial, and they are very prominent.

As for the mixing side of things, there’s a serious shortage of bass frequencies, especially for this genre. Could it be that you hear too much bass in your mixing environment, and end up turning it down? The large drums don’t have the “epic” impact they’re supposed to have, and the strings also sound shy in the lower registers.

On the higher end, the percussion that comes in at 0:53 panned to the right is irritating. The strings are a bit too bright for my taste. You could tame them with a gentle EQ or even better try Refinement by Plugin Alliance. It’s a must have for this type of work, I believe.

There seems to be more reverb than necessary. Do you EQ your reverb? Roll off anything above 12k and below 200 Hz. You don’t need too much reverb on sustained strings. The right amount of reverb on staccato strings and percussion will put everything in context.

One last thing: You can exaggerate the dynamic shifts (this is the only genre that we can get away with that :slight_smile: ) Think like a conductor and make those dynamics epic!

Good luck!


This is very useful…
Thank you for your time :slight_smile:

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