Corporate Flyer Got Rejected! This is 8 time.

I have uploaded about 8 flyers on graphicriver. But All of them got rejected. I have uploaded here one. It is one of the best of mine. Please let me know the reason of its being rejected?

#Please let me know the reasons…I want to be an Envato author.

hi indeed, i think this is mainly due to typo in a general way. U do not have much combinations and it looks rather flat indeed, especially when it comes to titles, thus the hierarchy looks not completely satisfying in the end
otherwise i think that u should make a decent logo , this fake one is messing with your work

Looks fine to me, except for the titles, as n2n44 said, try to make them stand out. Make them bolder or change the font. Otherwise, it looks very professional and clean. Good luck, mate

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i also insist on the fake logo ruining the preview … all details matter indeed

It is all about you

Read this

and if I resume this I can do it in few points and many years of practice.

  1. Readability and information Hierarchy - that means you are the master of disaster (you decide what the user/viewer will see first in your flyer and what he will remember)
  2. Flyer Composition - There are few rules that never fails. Please red this one
  3. Overall look and feel - This one comes based on allot of experience (Designing it is not about technique - It is about feeling)
  4. And the final one it is about genius. You can do everything perfect but that genius spark will do the difference.

great links buddy well done! :slight_smile: