Copyright claim on Instagram

I have a small issue. Unfortunately, one of the songs I licensed from Envato was blocked by Instagram, which flagged the artist from whom the music may have originated. What can I do at this time? Here are the two links:

[Kalimera - YouTube]


You might want to open a ticket with Elements support.
This looks like the typical case where an Elements track is released by someone else in order to illegally monetize from it.

@ARCHIMUSIC please check this out and if needed send a DMCA to the streaming platforms (unless Ellis is your alias for streaming)

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Well, actually Elements support won’t be able to help here. Just wait for ARCHIMUSIC to chime in

Hello, I’m an audiojungle author ARCHIMUSIC. When downloading a track from Envato Elements, you should have received a license number. Follow the step by step instructions below. Here is the link:

P.S: At the very bottom of the page there is a guide for instagram


Hey ARCHIMUSIC, the issue here seems to be the claim from a certain Ellis that published your track on streaming platforms with the name Kalimera.

If you are Ellis, then there is no issue.


No, I’m not Ellis. I do not even know what to advise in this situation.

You want to contact your ContentID manager, tell them you need to regain ownership of your track (I don’t understand how “ellis” was able to register the track, if it was already registered). Contact the ContentID manager of the claimant, let them know you are the actual author and “Ellis” had no right to register the track in their name. And contact “Ellis”, let them know they breach Envato’s terms and made a real mess for you to deal with. They had no rights to release the “song”. Ask them to fix it.


Thanks for the link, it’s really handy.

This happened to me in Facebook. I suppossed HAAWK had my tracks registered in Youtube, Instagram and Fb, but no…
I had to claim it through Fb directly.

Thanks for your help! Yes, I believe this is the solution I require.