Constant rejections - can this pattern be changed?

Hi dear friends,

I got another hard rejection, which made me doubt whether I have made any progress at all after a year of constant rejections… Strangely, other libraries accept these same tracks, so I was wondering whether reviewers at AudioJungle in particular have become more demanding? But I am also afraid that if an author is constantly rejected and has not had any files accepted at all over a year, it would be very difficult to change this pattern in time, or I am wrong? The basic question is whether I should continue with stubborn but unsuccessful efforts to submit files here or am I simply been politely told to give up?
Please find below my latest rejected track - your constructive criticism will be appreciated!
Many thanks!


Hello! Exelent track. The music is in perfect order. Mixing, equalization and space require rework. Listen to how similar tracks sound. I think you’re almost there.
Add a little to make it clearer.
Not enough emotion and dynamics. The track sounds smooth. In the frequencies a lot of the middle. The power of the orchestra is not felt. At 14 seconds, the snare drum plays past the beat. The end of the track is also deliberately modified. Here are some things that are immediately audible.
I wish you success!

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Hi @Keysmotion,
I listened to your track. It has potential, but in general the mix/master is to muddy. It lacks brightness and shine. Look for tutorials that give advice on mixing/mastering or find good vst’s for that. So in general improve the sound of you track(s) is my advice (my 2 cents). Good luck!

Many thanks for your suggestions and encouragement!

Thank you, will check for any tutorials, the VSTs should be fine I hope - Albion One mostly… Appreciate your advice!

Really great musical ideas throughout! The composition is spot on! Like the others have said, if the mixing has more clarity and more “oomph” so to speak, I think this would do really well.

Many thanks to all for the positive feedback!
Do you think that since this was a hard rejection I can still resubmit the track if I change the mix and balance and adjust the issues mentioned by Romantic_City?

When you make significant changes, you can upload again. Be sure to point out these changes (briefly) in the comment to the reviewer. You even can past a link to this topic in the forums.

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Dear friends,

Just to share that following your advice I changed and resubmitted the track and it was approved.

Many thanks for your help!