Need help with rejected music! Please, friends!

Hi, everybody! I’m new on AudioJungle. Uploaded 2 audios. Finally, received an answer for the first one. But - rejection. Now I need to know 2 things:
1 - What is wrong - what I need to change?
2 - What exactly means “You won’t be able to re-submit this item again” - I won’t be able even if I will change it?

This is what letter says:
“Unfortunately we found it isn’t at the quality standard requiered to move forward, and you won’t be able to re-submit this item again”.

This is the comment from my reviewer:
“This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted on AudioJungle, unfortunately”.

Here you can listen rejected track:

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Firstly, I’m impressed. You have a unique musical style. But I think the key point is “general commercial quality standard” here. Your music is so personal. Also there is a lot of themes, ideas in this track. You should make more simple compositions and your music has should have one or two themes. Because we compose music for media and our customers look for certain themes.
Here is my advices:

  • Try to build a structure with more repetitions. ex: intro-verse-bridge-chorus-drop-verse-bridge-chorus-final
  • Focus on one theme. Music is not the most advanced way to tell a lot of stories in one piece.
  • Avoid long intros.
  • Try most common chord progressions like (1-4-6-5)
  • Listen more tracks on Audiojungle.
  • Read this article: 5 point AudioJungle strategy
  • Don’t stick on one track. Keep going composing and uploading. Get used to rejections.

Simple is the best!


NewWave_Studio - thank you so much! You must know - this answer means to me a lot!
Without help it can take a long time to make the right thing here. And of course it’s very cool - to hear, that my music can be impressive. I have new music to upload, but I was only waiting for advice. Now I got it! And you gave very detailed answer - I appreciate this.

Only one thing I want to ask more: if I will change the structure, the quality, make this melody more simple - can I try to re-upload it? Thanks again!

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  1. Very long introduction
  2. a lot of compression
  3. avoid melody lines
  4. AJ - this is a site for background music not distracting attention
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You’re welcome.
I have never tried to re-submit rejected items actually, but finally if you can create a different composition and if you’re sure about its qualification, of course you can submit again.
If I were you, I’d forget about the previous ones and keep composing until learn this marketplace’s standards.
Good luck with it!

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Zigro, thank you a lot! You gave good goals to me.
The last point - about background music - is SUPER IMPORTANT to know.
And other advices I will also consider!

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NewWave_Studio - thanks! All the questions are solved! I will follow
your advice and start to create new things. Now I’m not blind here -
with all the help, that I recieved.

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