I’m really confused about constant rejections on this site. I am contributor on 18 stock sites, including the biggest ones, but none of them reject my vectors. I know I’m not the only one here with this issue, i see lots of complains. Strange thing is that I have sales of my vectors approved last year and in th beginning of this year which probably would be rejected now. Anyway I’ll try to post some of them, and I’d like to hear your opinion. probably I’ll stop to upload here, because it’s just waste of time.


Yes, last one has color issue, but the other ones look good.

I have noticed that also, flyers sell relatively well here, but elsewhere, no!

Probably because of their quality standards, buy here, no prob,. Buy elsewhere, no promises?



hi as for me , according to all the things that i can see daily, i would say that i don’t really believe that they are really in the style of what is accepted in a way (which doesn’t mean that your items are not good …), or maybe there’s an issue of where u post … maybe some of them would be better suited for photodune than GR indeed. I personally am not super fond of the two silhouettes one, but this is ok all the same. Apart from that, the first one is super cute. I just believe that u could make it even a bit better by adding some shadows under the paws. The last one is well executed and original but the thing is that maybe the flags are restricting the commercial potential of this item, unless u offer a big series of possible editings …


Thanks guys or your opinion. The name of third illustration is “Australia day” so it’s intentionally made with flags. But something else is interesting, following illustrations are my best sellers on other sites in last few months, and they are both rejected here:

Well what you can do…


hi buddy, as for me, i am not surprised that it was, despite the item looks interesting in terms of theme and so on, however, honestly, i do not think that this is attractive enough visually to be accepted here , for both, but i i also tend to believe that u’ll get rejected here also because of the typo of the second one , maybe not elsewhere but here the focus is much on typo (more or less legitimately depending on times …)