New Author, Hard Rejected


I can’t figure out why my artwork would be rejected. It’s easy to edit and took quite a bit of time to letter by hand. Can someone offer me advice? I submited to vectors > Christmas category. Thanks for any help.


You can upload it to any image sharing hosting like Imgur and share a link.


thanks, I just uploaded.


Overall lettering is done really well.
But may be your vector should have a little better centering, the top right side seems so empty. May be some detail should fit there.
Good luck with edits! :smile:


hi, indeed, this is a cool work, now, maybe they are expecting something a bit more elaborated to let it go as a “vector” in the vector category … (like adding a background, some effects, or these sort of things …) but i am wandering why u do not create a font out of it … it would bring u more money and u would even not have to modify anything in my view, just work it out as a font …


hi buddy, beware all the same, when i am zooming it , i can see some very small executions problems with curves occasionally , make sure u can fix so that it looks good and professional all the way :wink: