no reject or accept ?!!!

I’ve shared my first logo in building logo’s category , I’ve been waiting for 2 weeks but no reply until now , I noticed that the notification of reviewing disappeared after 5 days , but I didn’t receive any reject or accept ??
Note : my project name is :<< Happy House >>
please I want an explanation …

Without seeing the preview image it is v hard to comment

I uploaded all required files even preview image …

share it here if you want feedback


Presumably you shared the actual artwork too and not just this mock-up?

This image is not doing you any favours as the edges look very pixelated and jagged

Please i want an explanation …

We don’t respond to PMs as we get a lot and can’t help everyone.

That aside I am not a designer so your best option is to share the artwork you shared before here and someone like @Novocaina, @XioxGraphix or @n2n44 can offer better advice

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Honestly? :slight_smile: first - thanks Charlie you called me out… but -> I stopped with giving opinions and advice for authors for their rejected items here after I saw how n2n44 was attacked by one of the “authors” whos item was rejected - literally attacked personally with posted screens from n2n44 portfolio and stuff beacuse he got constructive criticism…

That was awful personal attack on him so… unfortunately I wont share any advice with new authors here anymore. And I am impressed that moderators (including you) and guys like n2n44 or XioxGraphix are still in “support business” hehe I am too nervous for this :slight_smile:

Good for all new authors! peace :slight_smile:


We know @Novocaina @XioxGraphix @n2n44 @PurpleFog and some more authors are really doing great when need any help/advice for a author/customer. I personally appreciate all of you. Here we are all a community and a very few members can misbehave or can’t give respect of the help but as a good human always we should not take it seriously. We are good human and like to help others. We should avoid criticism. personal attack never aceptable in forum so if anyone feel any misbehave should to inform us (moderators) and especially inform @KingDog and @BenLeong by PM. Again we appreciate all of your helpful activities in the forum.


Thank you @charlie4282 and @mgscoder for the appreciation, I sincerely appreciate it, as I’m sure the others are as well.

Perhaps it was already reviewed, have you checked your email/spam? I think there’s definitely room for improvement though, so it will likely be rejected if it hasn’t already.

You should post some other images of the design on its own so we can get a better look, but there are a few things I can point out from the one you have shared.

As Charlie mentioned, it looks pretty jagged, maybe it’s the mockup, maybe it’s the design, either way you should definitely avoid this.

The “Happy House” part isn’t working. For one the font looks pretty standard and uninteresting, but the biggest issue is the is the weird way you did the “H”, it doesn’t look like an H. Naturally I would read “Appy Ouse” without knowing what it should actually say. You can be creative with the text, but it should always be easily readable and editable. A requirement for marketplace logo templates is that the text can be easily edited by just clicking and typing, so having the text be done in a way that only works specifically for the text you put there isn’t acceptable.

For something called “Happy House”, nothing about it really looks happy. I would expect to see something perhaps a bit more playful and/or soft, as in having a bit more roundness to everything and staying away from pointed edges. Generally when something is rounded and organic looking it’s perceived as being more inviting, whereas pointed edges can look more intimidating.

The house part of it is a little strange, you have a standard door shape, then some European styled windows, then a Japanese styled roof, non of it really fits together. I feel like it should also have some structure to it, rather than everything floating.

I don’t see any reason to have crescent shapes there, it doesn’t really add anything to the house concept, and mostly just complicates everything. If you want to stick with the house concept, you should focus on the house aspect of it, rather than trying to add something else to make it more interesting, simplicity is often key to a good modern design.

In the end, you should scrap what you have here and start fresh. Focus on just the house, make something unique and interesting. If you want to stick with “Happy House”, do something that invokes happiness, maybe it could have something to do with children, like an orphanage, daycare, or children’s hospital. Or you could go the route of realty. Whatever you decide, you should find a theme and focus on what fits into that theme.


There are differences between the authors , I’ll be glad if you just advice me and tell me my mistakes in my item ( Happy House ) …

Thank you very much for your advices , I did not receive any email until now , maybe it’s more than hard reject :sweat_smile:

but , I’m very happy to know every mistakes that were in my design , I’ll be more Careful next time …

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hi i think that your logo is playing too much with the name for a logo mean for the logo marketplace and meant to be editable by buyers. There is also a lack of imbrication between the illustration and the text part. u have to move the text closer to the illustration, at this stage they look disconnected. For this is not the roof that is not matching the japanese style but rather the windows and to be honest for me the thing about your logo is that u have to many “originalities” or details and i am afraid that this is not really in keeping with marketplace expectations. The originality should rather be redirected towards the typo this is a bit flat apart from the combination that u have made and that its very little applicable to any purpose of your potential customers unless u are so very lucky that the company has basically approximately the same name as the one u put here … for me what u have would rathe be two different logos rather than one only, to be honest …

thank u for your kind words buddy

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thank u to underline my mishaps and to imply that was not really fair for me

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